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Once upon a time, so the fairy tales say,

in a land that we all know, not so very far away...


There lived a princess named Nettie

who dreamt of a happy life,

For someday she hoped to marry,

and become a loving, doting wife.


Alas, dreams are dreams because

it’s tough to follow your own plan;

Especially when it seems so very

hard to locate a reliable man.


She contemplated love one night,

as she sat up in her comfy bed,

Nettie had just been reminded of

what her fathers had always said.


“You’ve got to kiss a lot of frogs

before you find your prince.”

But the thought of kissing all

those frogs only made Nettie wince.


At the young age of 30, the princess

knew she had not yet tried all that she could.

She wanted to find a valiant knight

and might be where she would.


The search through many lads’

responses led Nettie to one certain guy;

He had something special, something

cute, something that caught her eye.


He began his e-mail with a compliment

about her amazing eyes and great smile.

Sir Andy had now proven himself worthy

to chat with online for a little while.


At the urging of the fair maiden Adina,

her roommate and royal friend,

Nettie e-mailed Andy, unknowingly

bringing her single days to an end.


After sharing multiple e-mails, their

connection began to escalate,

They decided to meet and so they set

up their first face-to-face date.


It went so well that not long following

that fantastic rendezvous,

Princess Nettie and Sir Andy realized

that their love could really be true.


Some time later, while Nettie recovered

from a painful foot surgery.

Andy surprised her with a small little box

as he got down on one knee.


She looked at him, and with her eyes

asked of him just one thing.

He promised that yes, he’d love her

forever by saying “as you wish” with a ring.


We can’t say “The End” now, for they

shall enjoy life and love and laughter.

But we know one thing is to come…

they will live happily ever after.


This fairy tale was beautifully crafted

by Miss Alyssa J. Hoikes


If you are still searching for

your own royal match,

do like we did and try out...